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What We Do

Vending Machine Jacksonville, FL

Wellness Vending

We offer products, as a partner with FitPick™, that provide national nutritional guidelines. Fit Pick is the vending industry’s signature nutrition outreach initiative.

Energy Efficient

Features efficient refrigeration and low-energy LED lighting. BevMAX exceeds ENERGY STAR Tier 2 Standards and operates at twice the efficiency of 5-year old machines…that’s COOL!

Cashless Operation

Integrated cashless apps allows for safe secure transactions. Provides the ability to have touchless transactions using mobile pay options as well as touch and pay and credit cards.

Give Back to Our Community

The heart behind our business is to be able to unlock the amazing opportunities within our own community. While vending is what we do, moments with my autistic son is why we do it. With each vending machine, we are able to do more in his school and beyond to help others.

Customer Loyalty and Service

With our inovative 24/7 remote monitoring we are able to provide assistance even before you call to report a problem. With the ability to proactively serve our customers allows us to respond to your needs efficiently. Providing local community focused support.

Locally Owned and Operated

Falling in love with the Northeast Florida area, we moved from New York and partnered with a local company that matches our values to serve our community. Purpose Vending was formed to serve our new home. We look forward to partnering and serving our new community.